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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

Caption Contest Winner! Going for the trifectoa is Gina with her, "If Kristi can work from home in her jammies, I can pick my nose in public!"

And for that jealous statement, I, therefore, send another round of really shitty winter weather your way! Is it there yet??? ;-)
Weight Watchers Update: This week I post neutral, which is ok since I've felt like shit since Wednesday. I work in a hospital, fercryinoutloud, surrounded by the scourge of society, and yet it's my two darling little cess pools know as my children that bring me to my knees.
I started really coming down with something after getting Mallory over pink eye Monday night. I shold have stayed home Wednesday and Thursday, but as I am such the dedicated employee I hacked and snarfed my way into the office.

Friday I opted to work from home as I had a three-hour teleconference and had a bunch of spread sheet tuff to work on. I was feeling pretty good that day. Steve and Jenna went to DSM Friday night as it's been a year since his dad passed away. And, for that matter, a year since I had to put Lexi down. What a year it's been. I went walking with Mallory and mom on Saturday at the mall and whatever "feeling good" I had Friday vaporized in the middle of the night. I finally resorted to calling one of our Pulmonary fellows so he could call something in for me whcih consisted of a burst of prednisone 60mg x 5 days along with five days of levoquin 750 mg.

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day, probably around 55. I loaded up the grill with two sirloins, two bacon-wrapped turkey London Broils, two boneless pork chops, and about two racks of ribs. Smoked it all. Isn't that grill a thing of beauty??

I'm not cooking the rest of the week.

Unfortunately I was feeling too ill and tired in the end to enjoy any of it. Steve and Jen got home just fine.

So I'm staying home again today. I feel almost human after 11 hours of sleep. Still tired but not so foggy in the head. It's not very often that I get taken down like this.


1 comment:

Gina (Mannyed) said...

nooope. 51 degrees today. :P