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Monday, September 29, 2008

Mute Monday

Happy birthday, big girl......

Friday, September 19, 2008

Caption Contest!!

I simply love Autumn in Nebraska. This entire week has been sunny, cloudless, breezy, low-humidity, and 80. Picture. Perfect. I've noticed that the Ash trees have started to turn yellow. I find it hard to beleive that Fall officially begins next Monday and in 9 days Mallory will be a year old.
Here is this week's installment for the contest. This week it's OPEN SEASON (no pun intended...) Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Party, Person, or Platform?

Though this clip is incredibly funny it does stress an important issue: voting for the right person.

Last week news reports came out about undecided women voters jumping to McCain because of Sarah Palin. Is that the right reason?

I got to thinking; is politics anymore just a popularity contest?

I get nervous when people say they're voting for so-and-so just because they're so-and-so or are of the same party affiliation. And that's their reason.

What happened to the platform of the polititians? Doesn't that matter any more?

Then again, you can't find a truly honest polititian out there so does their platform even matter?

Trying to make this as non-partisan as I can, all I ask of you is to vote for the right person for the right reason.

Not soley because he's Republican or Democrat.

Not because he's black or he has a woman as his running mate.

Vote for the right person for the right reason.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!!

Caption Contest Winner! Sadly, it's by default again. Not because it's Nadine per se, but rather because of what the image conjures up in her mind. "Oh Man!!! Roy can't you holster that thing for 5 minutes!!??I know that a tiger wouldn't say that but that's the face I make when he says "Hey Baby, you wanna do it?"
Weight Watchers Update: For the first time in 14 weeks I had a gain. I went up 1.2#. It could have been water or my lack of enthusiasm over the last few days. Regardless, I think this has been my longest streak before posting a gain. I did, however, enjoy the break but I can't let myself slip back into that mindset. That is what has been my ultimate downfall previous times.
Quiet weekend to report. Steve and Mallory went to DSM Saturday while Jen and I stayed home. Mom had her retirement party over the weekend (finally) and we had a GORGEOUS night for it. Clear, full moon, lots of food, friends, and a nice fire pit made for a grat evening. Jenna stayed the night at mom's, Steve and Mal were gone, and I had the house to myself to sleep.

So guess what?

I was awake at 0630. So much for my sleeping in.....*sigh*

BUT! I do have news to report! After only a week we have grass growing!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Caption Contest!!

Sorry for being AWOL again this week....crazy week with the fam in the evenings. Steve finished the wal Wednesday night and we raked the rest of the soil and seeded it. It rained pretty much all day yesterday. Again, now we just wait and see if the grass will sprout.

As it's Friday that means it's time, once again, for my cheezy contest. This week it's CAPTION. Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!!

Caption Contest Winner!! This week's winner is Aynde with her, "Be free from the fear of your own reflection forever! Only 19.95! Not available in stores."
Weight Watchers Update!! After a stagnant two weeks of only dropping 0.2# each, this past week I dropped 2.6# bringing my 13-week total to 28# even! I'm now approaching my pre-Mallory weight.

Start: 258
Goal: 220-ish
Current: 230
Oy, what a weekend! Steve and I took Friday off so we could tackle the front yard. We were originally going to have it done this past spring but it was too wet, then it was too late to try and grow grass in the summer. Now it's fall and this is the time to reseed your yard.

Our original quote was around $2K to scrape the crap sod off, amend the soil, and level. We have the seed here. We're mostly done and we've probably invested around $700 so far, plus we've added a small timber retaining wall!

There are power tools.....

And then there's hydraulic power tools. I have reached a new personal level of enjoyment.

Enter The Dingo.

The Dingo is a personal bobcat, so to speak, that has many useful attachments. For instance, The Dingo and The Bucket. The night before Steve rented a sod cutter which probably cut our work time in half to scrape off the old sod.This was my personal favorite; the Dingo and Hydraulic Tiller. Doesn't it look mean??? I easily busted through packed-down clay soil. In fact I killed the engine numerous times because I went too deep.This was the start of Saturday morning. The front and side yard had been completely stripped by moi. Steve tried his hand at The Dingo but relinquished when he discovered I was actually better at obtaining a full bucket-load of sod for the trailer. This picture also shows where I scraped off the bit of a hill so Steve could start the timber wall. We had talked about it before and since we had the machinery, might as well do it!Here's Steve unloading the timbers in the fabulous hydraulic dump trailer. This dump trailer came in handy when it was time to haul off the loads of sod to the recycling center. All Stevie had to do was push a button and voila! Empty trailer!!This is after I tilled up the wall area and am pushing the loose dirt away from Steve's work area. Like buttuh!!My mom came over Saturday to help; first to watch the girls while we returned the Dingo and all its acoutraments then to get some straw. After Mallory went down for her morning nap she came out to help rake out the dirt. I used the broascast spreader for the seed then she and Jenna shook out straw.This is wall as of Sunday. We didn't do a thing to the yard Sunday. The wall doesn't look like much but it's only four courses at its tallest. Now we just have to wait and see if the seed sprouts in the next week or so.....

Friday, September 5, 2008

Caption Contest!!

Friday already! YAY for short weeks! This week's contest is HEADLINES. Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Voice

Once again, a bit late in this post as I just found this out Tuesday.

This will be a hole that no one will be able to fill. Just like James Earl Jones, Don LaFontaine's iconic voice has be etched into everyone's brain.

He will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Landscape Update

Thanks to Aynde's suggestion I took some pictures yesterday to update you on my progress this year in the still-virgin landscape.

As I begin to wrap up Season Two here on the homestead and look back I didn't get as much done this season as I had hoped but the cool and incredibly violent and wet spring really set me back. Steve and I were able to get the play area done before summer really set in.

Next on the tour is the vegetable garden. All I was able to plant were some herbs and pumpkins. I've never grown pumpkins before and there are, surprisingly, only TWO plants growning. I've counted at least 10 basketball-sized pumpkins. And you can also see the leaves starting to fade and the pumpkins starting to turn orange. Perhaps next year I'll only plant one.....

This next picture looks really pathetic. I over-wintered these plants last year on the South side of my shed and they've been doing great! I moved them last week. They got a bit "shocky." Even though they look horrible and I've been watering them they still have their leaves so I'm hopeful they'll bounce back next year. Perhaps I should have waited until they went dormant on their own.....

Finally, there is the Deck Project that consumed our entire holiday weekend. Here are a couple of pictures of how crappy the deck looked before:

Pretty crappy looking, huh? We figure this is 10 year-old stain.

And here are some photos of the deck after two coats of stain:
Look at how it beads up!!

Here you can clearly see where I've been and where I stopped. Isn't it GORGEOUS?!?!?! I still have to do the top rail and all bastrates on the top deck and I'm trying to decide if I just want to stain the inside parts that everyone is going to see or if I really want to spend the extra time to stain the outside of the deck as of it I can't get to due to my Autumn Splendore clematis that is growing up the four supports and onto the balistrates. We still have just under a month to get this done. It's just such a stinky, sticky job.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Caption Contest Winner! For the second week in a row, Nadine is this week's winner with, "Another big party at the local Brat house."
Weight Watcher's Update: Another slow week, but a loss nonetheless. This week's drop is another .2# bringing my 12w total to 25.6#; still 2#/week which is pretty aggressive.
This holiday weekend was not relaxing. In preparation for Mal's upcoming birthday party at the end of the month Steve and I decided to sand and stain the deck; this, apparently, hadn't been since since the deck went up, as best we figure, judging by the way it was horribly weathered and the boards had been popping up and creating all sorts of splinters. Nails had been popped up as well, so Steve bought 4" screws to replace the 3.5" nails. Friday night we picked up a floor sander from Home Depot and Saturday morning Steve sanded the deck and I helped him sand the stairs.

The deck was previously a weathered stain, about the color of chocolate milk. Now it's a GORGEOUS mahoganey flame; medium- to dark-red. We used Cabot's Australian Timber Oil to do the staining. After a total of about 9h of staining, the deck floors, stairs, and banisters are done with two coats. I still have the top rails and and balistrates to do but the bulk of it is done and it looks so much better!

I also got some more transplanting done on Saturday. Some plants weren't too happy with the move and went into some heavy-duty shock. Hopefully the cooler weather and rain will help snap them out of it.

I'm almost glad to be back at work just so I can slow down and get away from the kids!!