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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Party, Person, or Platform?

Though this clip is incredibly funny it does stress an important issue: voting for the right person.

Last week news reports came out about undecided women voters jumping to McCain because of Sarah Palin. Is that the right reason?

I got to thinking; is politics anymore just a popularity contest?

I get nervous when people say they're voting for so-and-so just because they're so-and-so or are of the same party affiliation. And that's their reason.

What happened to the platform of the polititians? Doesn't that matter any more?

Then again, you can't find a truly honest polititian out there so does their platform even matter?

Trying to make this as non-partisan as I can, all I ask of you is to vote for the right person for the right reason.

Not soley because he's Republican or Democrat.

Not because he's black or he has a woman as his running mate.

Vote for the right person for the right reason.

1 comment:

Ace said...

Agreed, I find myself trying not to focus on the insignificant things (like how annoying Palin's voice is!) and trying to focus on the issues.