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Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!!

Caption Contest Winner!! This week's winner is Aynde with her, "Be free from the fear of your own reflection forever! Only 19.95! Not available in stores."
Weight Watchers Update!! After a stagnant two weeks of only dropping 0.2# each, this past week I dropped 2.6# bringing my 13-week total to 28# even! I'm now approaching my pre-Mallory weight.

Start: 258
Goal: 220-ish
Current: 230
Oy, what a weekend! Steve and I took Friday off so we could tackle the front yard. We were originally going to have it done this past spring but it was too wet, then it was too late to try and grow grass in the summer. Now it's fall and this is the time to reseed your yard.

Our original quote was around $2K to scrape the crap sod off, amend the soil, and level. We have the seed here. We're mostly done and we've probably invested around $700 so far, plus we've added a small timber retaining wall!

There are power tools.....

And then there's hydraulic power tools. I have reached a new personal level of enjoyment.

Enter The Dingo.

The Dingo is a personal bobcat, so to speak, that has many useful attachments. For instance, The Dingo and The Bucket. The night before Steve rented a sod cutter which probably cut our work time in half to scrape off the old sod.This was my personal favorite; the Dingo and Hydraulic Tiller. Doesn't it look mean??? I easily busted through packed-down clay soil. In fact I killed the engine numerous times because I went too deep.This was the start of Saturday morning. The front and side yard had been completely stripped by moi. Steve tried his hand at The Dingo but relinquished when he discovered I was actually better at obtaining a full bucket-load of sod for the trailer. This picture also shows where I scraped off the bit of a hill so Steve could start the timber wall. We had talked about it before and since we had the machinery, might as well do it!Here's Steve unloading the timbers in the fabulous hydraulic dump trailer. This dump trailer came in handy when it was time to haul off the loads of sod to the recycling center. All Stevie had to do was push a button and voila! Empty trailer!!This is after I tilled up the wall area and am pushing the loose dirt away from Steve's work area. Like buttuh!!My mom came over Saturday to help; first to watch the girls while we returned the Dingo and all its acoutraments then to get some straw. After Mallory went down for her morning nap she came out to help rake out the dirt. I used the broascast spreader for the seed then she and Jenna shook out straw.This is wall as of Sunday. We didn't do a thing to the yard Sunday. The wall doesn't look like much but it's only four courses at its tallest. Now we just have to wait and see if the seed sprouts in the next week or so.....


Nadine Hightower said...

You weren't kiddin! rip up the yard!!

Malathionman said...

You did look for any underground water,gas,and electrical before you started tearing up the place, right?

Ace said...

Awesome, there's such a greater sense of accomplishment when you do it yourself. Congrats, hope it turns out well.

Tanya said...

I cannot wait to see it when it's all done! Great job - can I hire you??