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Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!!

Caption Contest Winner! Sadly, it's by default again. Not because it's Nadine per se, but rather because of what the image conjures up in her mind. "Oh Man!!! Roy can't you holster that thing for 5 minutes!!??I know that a tiger wouldn't say that but that's the face I make when he says "Hey Baby, you wanna do it?"
Weight Watchers Update: For the first time in 14 weeks I had a gain. I went up 1.2#. It could have been water or my lack of enthusiasm over the last few days. Regardless, I think this has been my longest streak before posting a gain. I did, however, enjoy the break but I can't let myself slip back into that mindset. That is what has been my ultimate downfall previous times.
Quiet weekend to report. Steve and Mallory went to DSM Saturday while Jen and I stayed home. Mom had her retirement party over the weekend (finally) and we had a GORGEOUS night for it. Clear, full moon, lots of food, friends, and a nice fire pit made for a grat evening. Jenna stayed the night at mom's, Steve and Mal were gone, and I had the house to myself to sleep.

So guess what?

I was awake at 0630. So much for my sleeping in.....*sigh*

BUT! I do have news to report! After only a week we have grass growing!!!


Malathionman said...

Are you sure about that grass? Kinda looks like weeds. :)

Nadine Hightower said...

oh yes it's a wonder isn't my mind works.

I hope your grass doesn't freeze when the temps drops. Surely you used that hardy stuff.