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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Open Night

<-- Me, last night.

After Steve decided not to go to the gym last night as he's not feeling well, I opted to go to open fencing at another center that has the intermediate classes.

I suited up and this time, I put on a sleeveless lame' in order to do electric fencing. This is the same format on than the foil has an outlet and you have a body cord that runs through your jacket and attack sleeve. Then you're hooked up to a box with a cord that is attached to the score box. There is a slight drag to the cord. This format is used in competition as the weapons move so fast it's difficult to accurrately award points.

I went up against James, the intermediate instructor. Yeah. I don't think I'm ready to advance just yet. Maybe I'm being too hard on myself because I feel like I'm doing pretty well in the beginner class and Patrick thinks I can movc on. I think I was only able to get three hits in a span of about 10 minutes.

It was incredibly frustrating for me last night. James is a bit more abrupt than Patrick and maybe his demeanor just didn't settle well with me. I fought back tears and kept biting my lip so I wouldn't break down when James was coaching me.

Will it wound my ego if I stay back another session? Perhaps. Fencing is a difficult sport and I know I'm not at the level of training where I can read my opponent and attacks/retreats come instinctually. I need to be there first before I can move on.


Turf Dad said...

I don't know Kristi, you are only in the beginner class. Sounds like you are expecting too much from the end result of that class. I say listen to the instructor and move up. I'm sure there will be plenty of "prepubes" for to you to beat up on in that class to.

Nadine Hightower said...

Hey don't be so hard on yourself! First off you've on been at this for about 3 weeks...that's 3 classes...if I counted right. Secondly, this is your first class at the next level. You're too hard on yourself.
Thirdly, Do not let anyone bully you!! As I tell my girls, "Don't take Shit off of anyone!" Sure the new teach my not have the touch that the other had but don't let him bully you into doing something you're not ready for or push you away from something you really want to do!

You want me to come up there and kick his ass???


I thought...and you know how my mind works...I thought you were being hooked up so when you were attacked and touched you were shocked.


kilax said...

I understand what you are saying - there is so much to the sport, and it will take us a ton of time to truly understand it. But props to you for trying intermediate. Just being brave enough to try shows that you have the potential to be truly great!