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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fencing, Week 5

<---Not me, in case you were wondering.....

Last night was pretty much open fencing. I didn't miss much last week with being sick and I was choppin' at the bit to get back to class. I stuck around after class and Patrick, the instructor, completely slaughtered me. But he's so gosh darned gracious about it.

He worked with me on my lunge distance and how to maintain enough defensive distance and throwing in a counter-attack. Then I watched Patrick and Alex duel for about 15", then I wanted to go up against Alex. He beat me 5-3. I did mention to Patrick that I've been considering advancing to the intermediate level unless he thought I should take the beginners class again to really solidify my footwork and parrying. He thought I can advance! He's been fencing for seven years so he should know!

I jokingly asked when will we discuss Capofello and Hisangleeper. He smiled while Alex was clearly confused. So Patrick told him it was from The Princess Bride. "Oh, I've only seen that once." huh-WHAH?!?!?! Patrick threatened him that he was going to have a party where TPB would be watched a minimum of three times. Then I told them the story of how I met Mandy Patinkin.

When I was in college in '92-'94, my part-time job was working at the performance hall for play, musicals, and any other tour that came to our campus (like the Canadian Brass and Carrot Top, though not together). Anywho, months in advance we learned that Mandy Patinkin would be stopping as part of a subscription tour. I immediately called backstage because by golly, I was meeting this actor! With these kinds of tours student tickets are available. His show went very quickly.

It was his Broadway "Dress Casual" tour. I heard that he had a beard but was expecting just a light scruff. I was backstage getting my headset ready when this man walked onto the stage in a plaid flannel shirt, khakis, and running shoes. This man had a full beard. He saw me and said, "Hey, how ya doin'?" "Good, thanks." Didn't even recognize who it was until I focused on his eyes.


I didn't enjoy his show, I didn't like his voice or the way he sings. But fast-forward to the end of the show. He walked right up to the edge of the stage and says, "This is a college campus and I do this at all college campuses so you older folks might not understand."

Then.....he crouched down and said in that Spaniard voice, "Hallow. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

LIGHTS OUT!! And he ran backstage.

LIGHTS UP!!! The college students are fist pumping the air and making all sorts of noise while the older folks and looking at each other, completely confused at what just happened.

I have a picture of the two of us and he signed my program. Can I prove that right now? No, everything is packed under the stairs.

Just trust me on this one......


Ace said...

You'll have to post some video of your fencing activities, could be fun to watch.

I missed the Patinkin show but Carrot Top was awesome! I have only seen bits and pieces of Princess Bride, not really my cup of tea, despite my adulation of Andre the Giant.

VENTL8R said...

That WAS a most excellent show. I can still hear your voice doing the lead singer from Crash Test Dummies "Well......." and making him crack up on stage.

The last time I was in Vegas he was at the Luxor and I really wanted to see him again but he was on vacation! I was hoping I would be able to slip him a note telling him I was at his show at NCC in '94 and how he signed a WONC T-shirt, "To WONC: Fuck everyone!" in hopes of meeting him. But alas, t'was not meant to be.

Truly a moment when you can say, "I knew him when!"

Nadine Hightower said...

And have you seen him in Yentil??? Wowser!! Hot!!!

Gina (Mannyed) said...

My ex boyfriend used to quote that line over and over again. Hence, ex boyfriend. : )

Kelly said...

OMG, I love the Princess Bride. There are about 100 good quotes from that movie. How cool that you got to hear that one in person. :)

kilax said...

Ooops. I still haven't seen that even thought people in our class keep talking about it. I better watch it!