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Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Netflix Movie of the Weekend: "Finding Forrester." A modern-day "Dead Poet's Society." Decent rental, but I felt there were story lines that could have been expanded a bit more.
Cinema Movie of the Weekend: "The Dark Knight" After getting through the 15" of previews the movie was an additional 2.5h long! The buzz with the release was of Heath's assumed Oscar nod because of his death. No, I think he truly deserves this. Heath loved doing the challenging roles to amde him alter his accent, and being the Joker was that challenge. He re-defined The Joker; not as campy as Jack Nicholson's redition. This was, by far, the best Batman movie to be released.
Weight Watcher's Update: At the close of Week 7 I dropped another 3.5# giving me a total loss of 20.6#!! 10% is now less than 5# away. I'm still about half-way of what I'd like to lose.

Start: 258
Current: 237.4
10%: 233
Goal: 220-ish
Caption Contest Winner! This week we have a NEW WINNER!! Ace is this week's winner with, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty!"
Not a bad weekend to report; didn't really do a whole lot. The usual domestic crap like laundry. Went and saw "The Dark Night" which was very good, to say the least.

Grilled/smoked a bunch of stuff last night; a.5# turkey breast, Italian turkey burgers, and pollock. That should keep us going for most of the week.
Mallory started cutting Tooth #3 (right upper) last week and I believe I see Tooth #4 (left upper) getting ready to poke through. Walking better though crawling is still the preferred method of motation. She's 10 months old today!!!
She had her 9m appointment a couple of weeks ago and I've had a few people ask how Mallory and Jenna compare at the same age. I dug out Jen's baby book to look at her stats. At 9m, Jenna was 22.6# and 29".
Mallory? 28.5" (essentially the same length) and 20.5#; a full 2# smaller than Jenna. Mallory is long and lean. Again, I think part of this is because Mallory was crawling much sooner than Jenna did, therefore, is burning calories faster.


Aynde said...

I didn't do much this weekend either. Hell I didn't even do laundry. *laughs*

Go You! with the weight loss!!! I need to do the same. *sigh* I am so not motivated though.Every time I think of points I get cravings for chow mein. *laughs*

moi said...

Howdy! Thanks for dropping by Moi's Blob! I use a lot of screaming women in my posts. I could use one right about now, as a matter of fact . . .

Your blog looks like fun as well. LOVE Mythbusters! I'll drop by again!

Malathionman said...

I like the trailers!