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Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Caption Contest Winner!! This week it's Tom who's back in the winner's seat with his, "Gene Simmons' mom- The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
NetFlix Movie of the Weekend: "The Upside on Anger" Wasn't worth sitting on my DVD for the last four months. The acting seemed stilted, wasn't really feeling any chemistry from anyone. The last 15 minutes explained the movie. Eh.....
Cinema Movie of the Weekend: "WALL-E" Took Jenna to this while mom had Mallory (after she woke up from sleeping for 15 hours. Yes, you read that right.). Perhaps a bit too dark for a 4yo as Jenna was sitting in each of our laps. I'm not sure it was worth all the hype, though it was a good movie. WALL-E has many endearing qualities, but I really liked M-O. The Pixar short, "Presto" was incredibly funny. Alec Azam....that's genious.
Weight Watcher's Update: Yet another stellar week for me; dropped another 3# bring my 5 week total to 16.5# gone. Less than 10# before I reach my first goal of 10% lost. My treat for myself? Probably new clothes, especially *ahem* the "unmentionables." Still wearing nursing bras. Not that you needed to know that little bit of information about me.....WHEEE!!!
What a great weekend this was! Severe weather to our west and south Friday night took all the heat and humidity with it leaving us with a GOREOUS 80* Saturday and no humidity. I opened the house up early Saturday morning and within 2h the inside temp dropped from 78 to 73. After the movie Jenna was taking a nap and Mal was still at mom's taking a nap, so Steve and I hung out in the hanging chairs not doing a darned thing for over an hour. It was pretty nice. Especially to not have any kids around for a spell. We didn't even talk to each other; just hung out and enjoyed a highly unusual July afternoon.

Yesterday it was a bit warmer but still dry and had the house open most of the day. Today the heat and humidity return. But it's the mid-July. Hopefully I can explain this well enough....because it was such a mild spring (albeit incredibly violent) it's made the summer seem not so long. Typically summer starts in May and doesn't end until the first of September. Summer really hasn't gotten a good foothold yet (though our time has come) and here it is; July 14 already. Heck, some schools start back up in a mere four weeks.

Why couldn't have I been pregnant THIS year?

Finished up a couple more landscaping projects as the weather was so accomodating. Grilled Saturday (flat iron steaks) and Sunday (stuffed chicken breasts) with grilled veggies both nights.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I have a couple of CDs to review. Knowing my luck I'm behind the 8Ball with this music but I have to share anyway.


Nadine Hightower said...

I'm soooo enivious!!!!! Do you have to go to meetings to do WW? I don't want to do meetings. Are you...wait this is a family blog...but I just can't think of a nice word for it...but I've just got to blurt it out...Exercise?

shivers...That's my downfall. I have an allergic reaction to it. I get all sweaty and My chest hurts...that's what that is right? An allergic reaction??

Congrats on your success!!

Mannyed said...

Damn, you just might convince me to do WW. Might. COngrats!

I love that picture of George and the bottom picture of your girls! Looks like they are reenacting the photo in a way.