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Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Weight Watchers Update: This week's weigh-in concludes the first month. I'm pleasantly surprised to report a total of 13.5# lost in the first month. Steve is down 10#. Saturday night we completley blew the plan as it was our neighborhood block party complete with fire truck for the kids and a live band!!
And also nice to report; no bad weather!! Had the house open for most of last week but the humidity crept up during the weekend and the typical July temps returned. But around here to not be running your AC in July is highly unusual, but a welcom change. Don't need the violent weather to obtain said mild temps, however....
So here are a few photos of the block party from Saturday night. Here, Jenna is helping Aunt Joni and Grammy make ice cream. Ain't nuthin' finer than hand-cranked ice cream!
A few pictures of Jenna in the fire truck....
The band.....didn't catch their name, but not a bad cover band.
Mallory diligently untying daddy's shoes.
Jenna and her new friend, Stella, covered in tattoos.
Apparently I didn't feed Mallory enough so she resorted to chewing on her toes.
A good time was had by all and thus wrapped up a pretty decent Holiday Weekend.


meg said...

Looks like a great time was had by all (btw- baby toes have zero calories, so they are the perfect between meal snack for all ages :-P)
We lucked out on the weather front as well- last year, the 4th was 115 degrees & we did absolutely nothing but sit in front of the fan; this year, it was only 85 degrees, & we did absolutely nothing but nap in front of the fan (it was Chris' first day off in 2 weeks)

Mannyed said...

those girls are soooooooooo adorable! I love the picture of Jenna in front of the fire truck! She is such a doll! I'm glad you guys had good weather and good fun.

Aynde said...

YEAH! WE did the suburban block party thing too!!! It was tons of fun. Mallory is too cute!!!

Tanya said...

LOVE all the pictures and way to go with the weight loss!!