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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Belated Weekend Wrap-up

Netflix Movie of the Weekend: "Manchurian Candidate " (2004) Interesting movie.....not horrible. Glad I didn't pay full-price to see it. Meryl Streep plays a really good political beotch.
Mals and I had a delightful weekend! Steve and Jen left for DSM Friday evening and he came back solo yesterday as Jenna was to spend a few days with gramma. The plan was to get her back tomorrow, but it looks like she'll stay another night and we'll get her Wednesday (YAY!!). It was a relaxing time with just Mallory. I clearly felt muchless stress with just her than with Steve and Jenna around.

Mom palled around with us Saturday and after having lunch we went to Hobby Lobby and spent over an hour there. I picked up a collage frame and a shadow box to work on a couple of projects and helped mom with some decorating ideas for her sun room.

I had my eye appointment yesterday to discuss my keratoconus in further detail. Dr. Liu is clearly not concerned about my condition.

I got glasses when I was 13-ish. Probably around 18 or so is when my vision and prescription changed a lot; I became more near-sighted and astigmatism popped up. Thesea are both signs of keratoconus. Within the last 6 years (I'm guessing) my prescription hasn't really changed much; maybe some tweeking here and there but nothing major. So my bet is that I developed adult-onset KC. Dr. Liu told me that in severe cases when a person is around 13 their visision is already crappy (my words) and by theire 20s or 30s they've had a corneal transplant. Not so with me.

We discussed treatment options, like corneal transplants, and riboflavin cross-linking. This is a proceedure where riboflavin drops on the eyes are exposed to UVA radiation. The UV cause the riboflavin to become stiff and thus strengthens the cornea. Sounds incredibly intriguing to me. He told me I can do this at home with super-complex B-vitamins and to not wear sun glasses.

Over time, UV radiation causes cataracts. I didn't think to ask about duration of UV exposure; if it's a quickie thing daily or constant no protection. Might have to call the office back and find out.....

So there you have it. He wants to see me back in one year for a check-up. But as it stands right now I'm good!


Mannyed said...

phew! glad you and Mals had some good mommy/daughter bonding!

Ace said...

So does the movie live up to the title of psychological thriller? I've always been semi-interested in checking out the original since it's considered a classic...