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Thursday, July 17, 2008


NetFlix Movie of the Week: "Old School" I shut if off after 45 minutes.
I had a consultation appointment yesterday with Omaha Eye & Laser Institute to discuss iLASIK; a new form of LASIK surgery approved by NASA and the Navy Seals. I have moderately bad vision; I don't remember my axis numbers and all that but I do know that my prescription translates to approximately 20/300 in both eyes. I have a decent astigmatism which gives me blurred vision without lenses; uncorrected when looking at something from a distance I'll see (faintly) the main object with heavy shadows of that object on either side.

The last time I discussed LASIK with my optometrist was a couple of years ago and he said my prescription was severe enough that if I have the procedure done I'll need need reading glasses. So what's the point, right? Plus, this is my only set of eyes and if they get messed up I'm boned.

But I had been hearing about this new iLASIK and thought I'd go talk and see what they could tell me. I had a series of scans of my eyes before I met with one of the doctors. She came in to discuss her findings and my options. She came right out and said I am clearly not a candidate for any kind of LASIK procedure because I have keratoconus.


I had never heard of this condition which was very evident by the look of surprise on my face. Basically keratoconus is a progressive, degenerative disease of the cornea where, instead of maintaining the rounded shape, the cornea thins out and becomes shaped like a cone. As the cornea is what refracts light having a mis-shapen cornea will alter what a person sees. Keratoconus makes people very mear-sighted (of which I am) and causes a high degree of astigmatism (of which I have).

It developes in the teens and levels out in the 40s. In rare cases it can develop into corneal hydrops. My case is mild and my vision is still corrected by lenses. The first doctor wasn't really concerned about it as I'm 34 and still mild. But I do have an appointment Monday with one of the Big Cheese docs to discuss this further.


Nadine Hightower said...

Did you make it to the part when Will Ferrell was nekked?
He is like Travolta...he dances and Ferrell gets nekked!!

You'll do fine with the eye thing. Some friends of our had the procedure done in their 50's!

Ace said...

I'm crushed by your sting against Old School. I loved this movie - did you at least get to hear them sing Dust in the Wind? If not, then start the DVD back up sunshine!

Good luck with Dr. Big Cheese. I'm sure you'll be fine!

Aynde said...

Dont' ya just love surprises?

Hope the eye docs can do something for ya. (((hugs)))

Mannyed said...

wow, thats a shocker! let me know what else you find out about your eye issue