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Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Caption Contest Winner!! This week's winner is Steve with his, "The trendy areas of Moscow are currently enjoying a 70's Renaissance, as rock star Boris Dylanovich demonstrates."
Heh. Boris Dylanovich......nice one, Steve!
Not a bad weekend to report...Friday I took the day off *cough* and got a bunch of nit-noy things accomplished sans family. I wasn't moving too well by the end of the day. My sister came to town from KC to help celebrate my uncle's 50th. Mom and Joni came over alst night to help celebrate Father's Day. They brought all the food and I grilled. Not a bad trade off. Earlier Saturday morning Jen, Mal, and I went over to mom's so Joni and Jenna could work on Steve's cake; a shirt cake with candy-studded tie. Very cute. For our gifts there was a definite theme; popcorn. The boy loves his corn.

However, we both started Weight Watchers last week. I lost 4# last week; most of that is water, but hey! I'll take it! Though popcorn in and of itself is fine, it's the oil that gets you in points. So I ordered a hot air popper. Granted the popcorn is dry but if it satisfies his need for popcorn then it will have to work. The girls "painted" a popcorn bowl for him:

Complete with a couple of footprints from Mallory!!

Yesterday we didn't do much. I wanted to get more done outside but, apparently, my body told me otherwise by giving me a nice headache. So I took a nap in the spare bedroom where it's cool and dark. I grilled a bunch of stuff last night, too, which consisted of chicken boobies, marinated turkey boobies, and I tried my hand at plank smoking some salmon filets. The jury's still out on plank smoking; will have to investigate this further.

Looks to be a great week for the CWS; sunny, dry, and in the high-70s to low-80s through most of the week. Great news from Saturday; both Florida teams got SPANKED!! Most of you know how much I despise any Florida team, regardless of sport. There's a pitcher on the Stanford team that is an Omaha native and went to my high school. Yeah, they slaughtered Miami 16-5, I believe. 11 of those runs came in the 9th!

1 comment:

Mannyed said...

love, love, love that popcorn bowl! Vry creative - nice job!