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Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Caption Contest Winner!! This week's nod goes to Daisy with, ""In desperation after her analog television gave out, Raja tried a new type of antenna."
Zowie, what a's been since 1975 that a tornado hit Omaha. I was only about a year-and-a-half with this tornado and it went up 72nd Street; I grew up on 74th Ave, a mere 2 blocks away. My dad wasn't allowed to go home that day so it was my mom and us two girls. She stood in the driveway and watched the tornado travel up the street. Do check out the site; I just found it yesterday. There's a great Google map that highlighted the tornado's path and areas of damage. Our current house received some damage back then.

Saturday was incredibly thick and hot and the clouds just threatened severe weather. One major line went south of us in the early evening. There there was the other line in Kansas for later one....

At 0230 Sunday I was awakened to sidways rain on the windows and sirens. I turned on the TV in the living room and a tornado was confirmed in Millard (a SW suburb of Omaha; about 7 miles from our house). Normally when the sirens go off we watch the weather radar and usually it's north of Omaha. But there was something about the wind that didn't agree with me. It was a fast-moving supercell. Within 10 minutes it was already in Iowa. The radar showed additional rotation of the clouds at Dodge St. and I-680; that's about 2 miles away. The path of the storm literally went right over our house.

I was dressed and grabbed the lock box and was ready to grab the kids for the basement. Again, I have never felt the need to do so but there was a nagging feeling I had, an urgency to get downstairs. After about 20-25 minutes the storm was past us. Then the news reports came out yesterday. Homes and businesses were either damaged or destoyed but thankfully, no one was killed.

The Plains hve been getting pummeled by tornados and flash floods here lately. I think for June alone we're up around 5-7" of rain.

I would still take a tornado over a hurricane any day.....


Ace said...

We dodged it here, missed us by about 10 miles or so. There was some pretty serious damage but no deaths reported....

Mannyed said...

Really, you would take a tornado over a hurricane? I think I would pass the hell out if I saw a tornado.

Malathionman said...

We actually had a tornado touch down in SoCal a few weeks ago. It was about 30 miles from us, but the kids freaked out anyways.

You should an earthquake out! Don't wanna be in the basement for one of those.