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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What A Series!!

Fresno State, the ultimate Cinderella team EVER in NCAA history clenched the Men's Baseball National Championship as the lowest seeded team in any NCAA sport; 86th. They lost the most possible post-season games to get to Omaha, and lost games at the CWS.

This is the second National Championship for Fresno State - ever. In any sport. In 1998 the Womens' Softball won a National Championship.

Whodda thunk this scrappy team would set the most CWS records and rewrite NCAA and CWS history?

A hearty Omaha CONGRATULATIONS to the Bulldogs of Fresno State; 2008 CWS National Champs.


Ace said...

Very cool, this should be a huge story but doesn't seem to be getting much press :-(

Tanya said...

It's pretty impressive that they won - I'm sure they're still on cloud 9!!

Anonymous said...

It confused me to see that the Bulldogs had won. I thought for sure that meant Georgia. Then I found out that Fresno State has the same mascot.

Sounds like it was fun. The CWS has become quite a cool event.