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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Caption Contest!! This week's winner is Stacy with her, "Why didn't I listen to Mr Wonka? He told me not to eat those candies."
Good weekend to report. Saturday mom came over to watch the girls whilst Stevie and I went to a movie. *gasp* I know! Alone, even! We saw Indy IV; good movie, a bit far-fetched. I left feeling a bit empty. I didn't think there was enough action compared to the other three. Eh, but we did have a good time....ALONE! WOOT!

Lisa (my SIL) is having surgery today for her cervical cancer. Steve went home this afternoon after church and will be back Tuesday sometime. So yesterday while Mallory napped Jenna helped me hang more chicken wire on the deck for the clematis to grow on. Then we brushed out Thursday and trimmed her nails, all of us took a walk, I scrubber out Jenna's pool and got it ready for the summer, grilled some chicken and turkey, gave Jenna a bath, put Mal down at 1900, played Candy Land and read to Jenna; left her room at 1930.

I think my arse is leaving skid marks! Should've taken some ibuprofen....

Now I'm in a conumdrum. Spaces has let me back into their graces. Here's what happened. I did a caption contest back on APril 18; old, over-weight topless woman with angel wings. Not pretty. That's what got me booted off; partial nudity. I figured they'd let it slide as it wasn't pleasing partial nudity. But alas, I was, once again, wrong. I get this little nervous tic with the term "investigation" gets tossed out. I deleted the posted, said I'd read the Terms of Use again (ha) and my site is back up. Now I'm not sure what do to; keep Spaces or Blogger. I'm still trying to figure out what I can do wtih Blogger whereas I know Spaces pretty well and I like my set-up with Spaces.

Perhaps I'll post something quick on Spaces and re-direct people here......


Nadine Hightower said...

Yep that's what I would do!! and I did....leave bread crumbs!

Mannyed said...

as you know, my vote is blogger. I'm slowly transitioning over there. Blogger just seems much more, I don't know the word...blogified? This friend stuff with MSN is kinda annoying.

Stacy said...

WooHoo - I won something! Sorry it took me so long to get back here.

I have been using both MSN and Blogger. I put more personal, need to rant kind of stuff on MSN as it is private. And on blogger I put things that I want to share with my family as I have sent them the link to the new place.

Ace said...

Please stay on blogger!!!