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Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up!

Caption Contest Winner! This week goes back to Aynde with her, "The truth behind "Greenhouse Gases."
<-- In the glass bubble, as explained below.

Saturday we decided to trek to the zoo as this is something the four of us haven't done yet. All was well and good and Jenna wanted to see the penguins. We walked into the aquarium and she freaked. out. when she say the fiberglass Great White shark hanging from the ceiling. This was more than her usual whining. She froze, hands TIGHTLY over her eyes, and sobbing hysterically. No amount of talking her down was going to do the trick. This went on for about 15". Mal and I moved on a bit to the penguins. In this enclosure is a 4' glass bubble that juts into the water so you can sit in the bubble "underwater" and watch the penguins up close and personal. I still marvel at ther fluidity under water.

Oh yes, as Mal and I were finishing up in the aqaurium we came across the ray tank and there we found a diver scrubbing the rocks.
I stuck my head around the corner as it had gotten quieter and Steve and Jenna were gone. I assumed they were at the entrance waiting. So Mal and I went through the rest of the aquarium to no avail. So I thought they went to the new butterfly pavilion. No luck, either.

<-- I took that!!

This was my first time through the pavilion - very cool! Tropical setting with butterflies and hummingbirds just flying around doing their thing. A Giant Morpho almost landed on Mallory a couple of times. She now knows what a butterfly is and would point and say "fly!"
I decided to head back up to the jungle and wait to see if I could find them. Keep in mind that I left my cell at home as did Steve but her had his on-call pager and on-call phone. Do you think I know those numbers???

An hour later and no sign of either of them I flag down a zoo employee to either put out an APB on them or use a phone to call the hospital and get his pager number. I was finally able to track it down through Security and I paged him. About 20 seconds he calls back and they're in the cat house - a ZOO cat house with tigers, lions, pumas, and leopards. Not the red light cat house, Tom.
Came home, sent everyone to bed after lunch. The rest of the weekend was the usual domestic crap, so I'll spare you the details.. Saturday night we watched "Charlie Wilson's War." Woo. Such is our date nights.....


Nadine Hightower said...

Poor kid. Too much Jaws??
The penguins are my fav!!

Turf Dad said...

"Not the red light cat house, Tom." I wouldn't know about those things. I'll assume its something bad.

Some of the aquariums out here let let you pet rays and sharks, Rough skin.

Ace said...

Sounds like my experience this wkend with the little monkey who refused to participate in the bday party we were attending. It's awesome, isn't it????

Aynde said...

Now the Material Girl wold be okay with a shark. But put her in the butterfly pavillion and she FREAKS. It's weird because she likes butterflies. At least in pictures. *laugh* She comes within a few feet of a real one though and it's all over but the cryin'. *laugh*