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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pen Lady

I've started up a hobby of mine again; making pens. I work from my home (read: garage) using domestic and exotic hardwoods and burls, acrylics, stone, and Corian solid surfaces. <-- Yes, that was my schpeel when I used to do shows.

I don't do shows anymore. The last show I did Jenna was due in 2 weeks. I make pens as gifts and do some comission work. I "close down" in the winter as it's too damned cold! Here are some samples of my work. Most of these pieces are available, if interested.
This letter opener is one of my earlier pieces and is made from green Corian. Available.
A neighbor of my mom's works at a Tile shop and brought over a couple of 4" Corian sample tiles of a line that is discontinued. As she brought me stock, I made her a pen and have charged her to advertise for me. I think she will bring in many as she stated that the company is always looking for "Thank You" gifts for customers. How cool would it be to have a pen and/or letter opener made from the same Corian that's in your kitchen?? Along with two different colors of Corian I added black guitar picks. This pen is spoken for.This lovely little gem is made from Red Malee burl from Australia. Burls are probably my favorite medium to work with as I have no idea what is on the inside and there's no grain to the wood, just swirls and birdseyes that really show up with I clear coat the wood. Available.Here's another sample of a burl. This pen is Buckeye burl (light) from North America and Thuya burl from Morrocco. This pen is spoken for.
This is another example of Buckeye burl. The piece has more figuring. Available.These two pens are from the same type of Corian that someone I work with just gave me. She and her husband had their kitchen remodeled and had this hunk left. In return to the free stock she received these two pens. It's neat to see how the "mood" of the piece changes depending on what color kit I choose. Spoken for.This is made from a product called acrylester. I'm not too fond of this material as it likes to explode if it gets too hot. This color is Ocean Mist and is available.This trio of pens was a special order for a gal in my office. She wanted a pen for herself and her two daughters that are graduating college this year. You'll notice that each pen has a piece of the other two in the cap, signifying the relationship. Spoken for.This is a two-tone blue swirl acrylic with white guitar picks at both ends. Available.This desk set is a combination of Box Elder burl (light) from North America and Cocobolo from Central America. Spoken for.This is made from the same green Corian as the letter opener. Spoken for.This piece is made from amber Crushed Pearl acrylic. Available.Finally, this set I made from a pre-fab piece of wood consisting of either birch or maple (North America), Purpleheart (Central America), and Walnut (North America). I entered it in our county fair in 2006 and won First Place! No one is getting this set. Ever.
Just because a particular piece is spoken for doesn't mean I can't make it again. Just letting you know in case anything peaks your interest. ;-)


Becca said...

I love the blue swirl acrylic. I have no idea if I could even afford it. You do great work!

Nadine Hightower said...

You are was surprising me! You are multi-talented!

That is just too cool.

Lyn said...

I have a friend who also makes pens - I think he buys a pen set (the hardware?) and then woodworks the two parts of the pen. He gave me one for my bday a few years ago. Very cool.