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Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up!

Caption Contest Winner! This week is by default and it goes to Becca with her, "Spring is like Old Faithful; always erupts again!"
Ok, Friday. Mom took Jenna Thursday night for a sleep-over and was to take her into school on Friday. Steve and I were out the door at 0515. Mallory pretty much stayed in our laps. At 0600 she got a cocktail of sedatuves. By 0620 she was snoring in my lap. At 0700 anesthesia came to get her. She opened an eye and laid her head on his shoulder.

Steve and I had a couple of breakfast sandwiches and juice and turned on the TV. Anesthesia came back at 0720 and said she was done! Dang, that was fast! Mallory came back to us at 0735 and slept on either myself or Steve until about 0915. Spoke with the doctor after her procedure and he said that a fair amount of thick fluid came out of her left ear and that it was too thick to drain on its own, so we feel better about having the tubes placed.

Got home about 0930 and Mal be-bopped with Steve for about an hour. I put her down for a nap around 1030 and she slept until 1345 - three hours!!During that time Steve helped me paint our bedroom. We got three walls done as the fourth wall was going to be an accent wall. It's painted a dark oatmeal and the accent wall I woolied two different shades of the wall color. We like it, but it's not the bold accent wall we were hoping for. So I'll stop at Lowe's today and get a quart of paint that is two shades darker and try again. I will get pictures when it's all done, but at least it's much close than it was 2 months ago!

I bought some fabric and made valances for the bedroom and I have the bathroom valance ready to go even though I haven't even started in the bathroom!

Since Mallory's surgery we've noticed that she isn't as loud, more than likely because she can hear herself now!


meg said...

Glad to hear that everything went smoothly for Mallory- no matter how simple, it's tough to send your baby off to surgery, I know; I was pacing when Sam had his wisdom teeth out & he was 17 :-S

Kelly said...

I bet you're glad that's over with. Can't wait to see pictures of your paint job...I never can get the right color the first time. It just looks different on the wall than it does in the store.

Ace said...

Wow, I'm glad everything went ok. Not looking forward to any such things with any of our little monkeys....