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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


FINISHED!!! I repainted the bedroom wall and now it's done! Granted, we still to get the pictures back up on the wall and I need to repaint the bathroom. Here's what I came up with:

In this picture, taken in the hallway, shows what the wall color was. One word; boring. The hall, living room, kitchen, and master all had pretty much the same wall color; milktoast. Yech....
Now here's the finished project. Three of the walls are an oatmeal color and I bought a quart of paint that is two shades darker than the wall color to woolie an accent wall. The woolie faux paint system utilizes a split paint pan that will hold two colors of paint. The roller is covered in lambs wool with a thick knap. Once you've chosen your palate, usually two shades different (for a more pronounced look. Gow ith colors that are one shade apart for a more subtle look), just load up your roller and butterfly on your walls! It's super easy. The time-consuming part is the detail along edges. But the beauty of this faux system is that there is no patterns so if one area is blended more than another, that's ok! That's how it's "supposed" to look.

We had a slight problem. We couldn't find our split pan, so I bought two cheap small pans and zip tied them together and cut down the middle so the roller would fit. You could probably just get two mini roller pads with a thick pile and do the same effect. There are dual sponge rollers available, as well, to do the same thing. A typical roller is 9" and mini-rollers are 4" so just place them on either end and you're good to go!

Here's a closer detail of the corner. When using two very dramatic color differences, keep in mind that as you roll the two colors they will blend into each other and soften. So your colors on the sample may seem frighteningly distant, but they will even each other out. Also, you can blend more to get an even softer look. We wanted something a bit more dramatic so I just blended enough to hide the roller lines. On the Woolie website it suggests using two completely different colors.
Here is a close-up on the window valances I made Sunday. The floral vine pattern is horizontal in nature to mirror the horizontal lines of the bedding set. But the slightly curvy lines of the vines help soften the very linear feel of the pattern. Though it's difficult to see there is an accent pillow that has embroidered circles, so that's why I chose that fabric. Actually, the part that's showing is actually the reverse of the fabric. On the other side the flowers and vines are a much heavier embroidery and a bit too bold for the look I was aiming for.
Do I watch too much HGTV??


Ace said...

lol, I was about to say that you should have your OWN show on HGTV. Looks really good, probably too much work for me :-)

Becca said...

Very good job!

Turf Dad said...

What, no mirror on the ceiling?

VENTL8R said...

What is it with everyone asking me if we have mirrors on the ceiling?!?! That's all I got on my Facebook page! SO to answer your question, Tom, our four sliding closets doors are nothing BUT mirrors, AND they face the bed. ;-)

kilax said...

I love the textured look! We were talking about trying that. Too much work ;) Hee hee.