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Thursday, January 22, 2009

God is pleased with me?

Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment, as did Mallory. I scheduled them close enough together to justify taking a half-day. It was absolutely GORGEOUS outside yesterday; almost 50! I was bummed, then, with my scheduling as I probably wasn't going to have enough time for a walk with the two appointments then getting my oil changed.

Mal's appointment was very quick, just a follow-up ear infection from a couple of weeks ago. She was back at daycare an hour before my appointment so I drove to the clinic and decided to go for a walk! YAY ME!!

As I started my walk through the neighborhood I saw all sorts of plastic bottles and aluminum cans just laying around. I really wished I had a bag in my car so I could pick this stuff up and bring it home to recycle, but alas, t'was not meant to be.

I must have really been upset about not having a plastic bag with me as I kept having a discussion in my head about keeping one in the car just in case. There was still a fair amount of ice on the sidewalks and at crossways so I spent a good deal of my time looking down at the ground watching my step so I wouldn't fall.

Sure enough when I crossed a street, there waiting for me on the sidewalk was a dry brown paper bag with handles from Panera! So I picked it up and started collecting recyclables for the next 20 minutes until my appointment time. The bag was filled when I was done.

So I said a little prayer of thanks for the beautiful day, the nice gap in appointments that allowed me to get a walk in, and for leaving me a paper bag to continue my small quest of cleaning up Omaha.

1 comment:

Shana said...

Good for you. More people should do that. That is great!