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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Is "Green" A Disease?

Lately, I've found myself actively looking for recyclables whenever I go out for walks, especially if Mallory is with me. If I find a plastic bottle or pop can I toss it into the basket of Mal's stroller and bring it home so I can put them in the recyle bin. I continually kick myself if I'm out walking without Mallory and I didn't grab a plastic bag.

It's gotten to the point that I'll scour the curbs when I drive home, just looking for a "gold mine." I chose my routes based on what I see driving home. Yes, I wash my hands when I'm done.

I know it's not much of an effort but if we are stewards of the Earth, then it's our duty to take better care of it. At times it seems like our efforts are too little, too late.

Perhaps I'm looking for affirmation that what I'm doing is a good thing and not weird. Perhaps I need someone to flat out say, "HEY! What you're doing is weird! Knock it off!"

Have I gotten too OCD with this??


Becca said...

No you are not crazy. We all have to do our small part. Will I ever live in a totally green house? Most likely, no. Can I choose greener things, sure. Do I always, no. Makes us all human.

Ace said...

kind of weird but a good thing. keep it up, that's awesome

Turf Dad said...

That's what the homeless people out here do when they need money ya weirdo.