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Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Wrap up

Caption Contest Winner! This week it's Nadine with her, "Go!! Fight!! Win!! Dude Spot me!!!"
It's been another one of those weekend where I need to go back to work just so I can relax. It all started Friday night with a subject I enrolled in one of my studies; didn't leave the hospital until 1845 (after being there since 0715) and knowing I would be back at 0600-ish Saturday.. After I finishe dup with my subject Saturday morning I went to the mall to walk with mom and her friends, then had coffee. Went to Lowe's to look at paint samples for our mini-kitchen remodel.

Our countertop are in an L shape with a decent space for a table. We eat in the dining room so the eat-in area is basically wasted. So for our anniversary present Steve bought two unfinished base cabinets and a new counterop to make a horse shoe with a bar of sorts into the eat-in area and getting rid of the kitchen table all together. I figured that if we're doing this mini-remodel might as well repaint. The cabinets are a shade off of white with the walls about a shade or two dark. Milk toast. Hate it. Always have. Sure, it got painted neutral when the house was for sale but I need more color in my life. And it probably wouldn't have been such an ordeal but I really dislike our countertops, and therefore, couldn't find a wall color I liked or that went with the countertops. Aske mom for help and we settled on a butterscotch for the walls.

Love. IT!!!

Then again, anything is better than white walls.

I decided that the wall that goes into the dining room needed something to make it the accent wall so I started ragging copper glaze to break it up and add some red as my dining room is an intense dark maroon. While the outcome is great, I really hate painting. I don't see how people can make a living doing this. I'm fine with the gross painting, it's the touch-up that drives me batty(er).

So Saturday I painted for about 4 hours and I was one still and sore unit when I finally poured myself into bed.

Went to church and did the touch-up along the ceiling. We still need to move the fridge out and paint but it's about 95% done and we can't get over just how much better it looks that before.

Saturday it was around 60* so I fired up the ol' charcoal grill and threw on some burgers, chicken, and venison so we'd have something throughout the week. I know there are people who grill all year round, but I think it loses it's lustre. There's something about being able to grill in the "off-season" that makes the food taste better.

Saturday also marked the fourth anniversary of my dad's suicide.

Sunday? Well, a huge front came through that by 1030 it was 8*. Yes, you read that right; a 50* drop from the day before. The wind has been whipping around 30+ mph which makes it all the colder. Just a dusting of snow.

Last night was our holiday party for the Pulmonary Division. Pot luck and if you went home hungry it was your own fault! Great food, great company, and enough kids to occupy themselves and stay our their parents' hair.

My shopping and baking is all done so I can (try to) enjoy the holidays. I'll feel better once we get the countertop in and the cabinets set and the kitchen back in order.

FA LA LA LA LAAAAAAA......Bah hum bug!


Nadine Hightower said...

I still have some baking to do and I need to make some more toffee...we've eaten the last 2 batches!!

Becca said...

I am not baking this year, neither of us needs it and someone just sent me a whole gobsmacking amount of chocolate! Woohee!