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Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up!!

Caption Contest Winner! This week's winner is Gina with her, "Who says tinsel is just for Christmas Trees?"
Weight Watchers Update! Decent loss to report; down 1.6# bringing me down to 214.6 for a total loss of 43.4#.

I've often wondered and reflected on why is this go-around so much more successful than my previous attempts? I'm approaching my all-time (recent) low of 205 a mere three years ago. Granted I was running at the time, of which ain't happenin' now. I am at the weight when Steve and I got married 11 years ago. However, after two children, things just aren't quite put back where they should be. Kind of like the state of our house with two kids.

The reason I'm doing this at home and not attending meetings is simple. This is my third or fourth trip on the WW merry-go-round so I know the schpeel, I know the routine, I know the tricks, and I know my pitfalls. So why should I spend $40/month just to hear it all over again?

After my reflection I think I've come to the conclusion that, while it never should have been a competition, I made the meetings into a competition. You want the attention and accolades of standing up in the group, receiving your ribbon or star. And though the leaders never said anything negative if you gained in a week, I felt that they were in some silent, non-verbal way. And if I didn't get stars as quickly as some other members I got discouraged.

This time around at home I'm not proving anything to anyone. I'm doing this for me. As I always have before. But I don't have an audience to prove anything to. Does that even make sense?? It never should have been about them and proving myself to them. But I made it that way and that's why I think I failed.

Which is where I think Steve is struggling. He sees me dropping over 40# and he'd only been able to do 10#. Granted, he doesn't eat fruits of veggies, doesn't drink enough water, doesn't get additional exercise outside of work. But those are his choices. I think I've given him the tools he needs to be sucessful, but just like quitting everything else, if you're not ready to make the changes then no one can make you. I want him to succeed. Not only for his health but for the furture of his family.


Ace said...

For me, the best thing was to stop thinking of food as a pleasure and to think of it as a tool for my body. If you can convince yourself of that, you can stop worrying about how it tastes and just focus on eating healthy. Probably silly but it worked for me.

Turf Dad said...

So what are thinking about as a goal? Mine is just to break 200. We will see what I look and feel like after that.