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Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Weight Watchers Update: Yet another baffling week to report, but this is a good baffling. Last week I attended three various functions where lunch was brought in. Therefore counting points went COMPLETELY out the window. I started couting points Friday, the end of my WW week. So what did weigh-in have in stor for me? Down 1.6#. CLUELESS!!!! Dunno how that one happened but I'll take it!

I don't remember the exact numbers but this loss take me to down around 37#.
Saturday was Mallory's 12 month appointment, even though she's 13 months old. Clean bill of health; 23# and 30.75" tall. She got four shots that day so she's covered for rabies and distemper. To give you another example of the Power of the Cheezy Poof; she had some blood drawn for a hemogram and lead test. She cried when she had her finger pricked but once I offered her the can of Cheezy Poofs all was right with her world. She even fed me some Poofs.

Saturday was also a gorgeous day for anything that had to be done outside; sunny and mid-60s. For the last weekend in October this is phenominal. We still haven't had a frost or freeze yet, but I hear that should be happening sometime this week. So I did more fall clean up of plants and annuals and getting that ready to go for when it does freeze. We had a photo shoot in the basement Saturday afternoon which required some interesting finagling of the furniture. But we made it work and I think we had some good shots. The highlight of the weekend was my mom coming over Saturday night to babysit both kids while Steve and I had an actual date night. Complete with fancy dinner at Jams, a very nice, locally-owned restaurant right close to our house which came in handy to drop off the to-go box and desserts before heading off downtown.

Our first stop was the newly unveiled pedestrian bridge (pictured above) that connects Omaha and Council Bluffs. Quite a few people were out walking on the bridge and enjoying the wonderful evening. We spent about 45" there before trying our luck with the Old Market. Anytime it's nice outside the Market is PACKED. Saturday night was no different. After driving around for over 15" we bagged that idea and tried to think of something to do.

It was barely 8:00 and we certainly couldn't go home THAT early. We drove around and talked. It's difficult to carry on a conversation with your spouse that doesn't include the kids. But we did decide that we need to make a more concerted effort to get out more sans chitlins.

Sunday was sunny and mid-50s. The winds, however, were over 50 mph throughout the entire day. It was back to reality as I slogged my way through four (count'em FOUR) loads of laundry. I can honestly say I did laundry the. entire. day.

Not much planned for this week. The in-laws are already talking about Christmas. I'm really not ready for that. I'm amazed that Thanksgiving is in only five weeks.


Nadine Hightower said...

What no parking on some dark back road to make out like teenagers??

Mannyed said...

Ok, I had the same thought as Nadine except exchange dark back road for hotel. Hey, date night doesn't come around to often - splurge :o)