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Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Weight Watchers Update: Well, I don't know what happened this week. After losing 8+# in 2 weeks I somehow managed to gain it all back. So I'm back up to 228. Grrrr.....
Not a bad weekend to report overall. Saturday I tore out my basil plants and made 30 2-serving containers of pesto to freeze for the winter. The tomato plants got yoinked, as well. Sunday I stripped my mint plant down and decided to dry the leaves so I can (hopefully) have herbal mint tea during the winter. It it doesn't work, well, I'm out 30 minutes of picking and washing.

Went to Nobbies to get Jenna's Halloween costume. She really wanted rainbow butterfly wings so she could be a she was last year. So after much strolling and avoiding dumb-ass people taking up the ENTIRE AISLE we settled on a Hula Girl complete with lei, multi-colored grass skirt, coconut bra, a palm tree centerpiece that will be taped onto her candy bucket, orchid hair ties, and a parrot for her shoulder. All in all it set me back $20. I can't quite justify spending $50 for a costume that will be worn maybe once. I s'pose we could have checked out thrift stroes but that thought didn't occur to me at the time.

Mallory will be a pepermint this year. It was Jenna's first costume that I made using a glue gun. It's a piece of 1/2" foam cut into a 12-14" circle and white felt is glued onto that. Then I cut seven red triangles and glued those onto the white felt in a spiral pattern. Then I wrapped it in tulle and tied the ends off with shoe strings. I've been subtly trying to get Jenna to be another piece of candy like a Kiss or a Tootsie Roll so she and her sister could be a pair, of sorts. No dice.

I think that pretty much wraps it up. Remember my pictures of the mantis and the katydid? Stick around...... ;-)


Ace said...

That's a good pic to break out during a Homecoming date or something like that for Mal. She'll love you forever for that!

Malathionman said...

Homemade costumes were my favorite as a kid. I never wanted a store bought one.