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Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!

Caption Contest Winner!! This week's nod goes back to Nadine with her, "Huh! I coulda swore that's where I left my bone!!"
Weight Watcher's Update: As I was so AWOL last week with trying to get the house ready for Mal's party I (obviously) didn't post anything. Two weeks ago I posted a 6.6# loss!! Dunno how I did that. Last week I wasn't too hopefully as I really didn't get back on track until Thursday. But I did (somehow) manage to drop another 1.8#! I am at a complete loss with this one!

Start: 258#
Current: 220.2#
Total: 37.8#
Goal: Been moved to 215 as I'm at 220 right now. 215 is round about where I was when I got married. Granted, my hips don't proclaim that fact after two kids. But numbers don't lie, right??
Crazy-busy-disorganized-never-enough-hours-to-get-things-done kinda weekend. Ever had one of those?

To recap, last week Mal woke up with a slight fever on Saturday; 101.6. Shot ot Tylenol and all's better. I figured (hoping) it was a teething fever. Sunday she was warmer and Tylenol just didn't have the same effect. Her temp that night was up ato 103.7. Greaaaat.....called in sick Monday and called Peds first thing. Halued her in and it's another bilateral ear infection. Steve stayed home with her Tuesday and Wednesday she was at my mom's. She went back to daycare Thursday.

They call me up. She has a rash. Greaaatt........haul her back in for a quick check. Penicillin reaction. GREAAAT!!! Switched antibiotics and she's much better! She was pretty tired so we went home and she slept 2.5 hours. Friday I took a half-day so I cold bring her home to sleep. She's back for full days this week (I hope!!).

I have no idea what we did Saturday. Oh yes, now I remember. It was such a traumatizing experience I had deleted it from my memory.

Jenna had a birthday party to attend. A Pre-K girl party. Proudly, Jenna was the most behaved in the group. The birthday girl? The whiniest little girl I had encountered. Ever. Had complete control over her parents. Apparent cousins (I'm guessing) were running amok and being horrendously loud. And nothing was done about it. We came home and I looked at Steve and said, "You owe me."

Sunday after we came home from church I announced to Jenna that she needed to change into some jeans because we were going on an adventure!! We had lunch at Arby's then we drove into Iowa to a place called Shady Lane Ranch. Self-guided one-hour trail rides. This was Jenna's first time on a horse. I fibbed and said she was 5. She will be in two months. I think she's taller than the average 5 year old, anyway. She had to sit behind me and as this was her first time we did have a guide and we stuck to the roads used by hayrack rides. I think she had a good time. She told me she had a good time. Then we went shoe shopping at Kohl's. I had a 30% off coupon so we took advantage of it.

Mal's feeling better. Still get tired quickly but her endurance is coming back. Now that her appetite has returned she's mending faster. I almost look forward to returning to work so I can slow down!!

1 comment:

Nadine Hightower said...

Good job!! I'm down 15 pounds. And I would like to go another 15. Things are shaping up...less butt, stomach and boobs. I'm sad to see those go but??? What's a gal to do?

I haven't been on a horse in about 25 years. And I was pregnant. Never ever and tell all the people you know that you should never ever ride pregnant!! The horse turned sharply right...and the baby went left. I got off the horse!!

Have a great week!