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Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up!!

Caption Contest Winner! This week's nod goes to Nadine with her, "Dyslexic elephants! Duuuuude, are we supposed to be holding our tails?"
Weight Watcher's Update: After last week's baffling 8# gain I did manage to lose 5# of that. So methinks it was water weight. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. Back down to 223, and 35# down.
Decent weekend to report. Saturday we drove to Des Moines to see the in-laws and so Steve could doa photo shoot with the girls and his dad's 1924 Chevy. But it was too chilly and windy for anything of the sort. We stopped by Lisa's tree farm for a bit.

It's Pumpkin Days right now; food, inflatable rides, fire pits, tractor rides to the pumpkin patch. She's really done a great job in landscaping the place. So Steve took photos of the girls around the farm.

Came home Sunday morning and we were home by noon which was great because we still had pretty much the entire day to do stuff around the house. I mowed the yard; first time for the front since we re-seeded it. Boy, is it thick! Just like carpet! But it's green and it grows. Hopefully it will do well during the winter and next summer,then we might think about doing the back yard next fall.

This week the weather is s'posta get cooler and rainy. Yesterday was a gorgeous 72 so I fired up the ol' grill and smoked a beautiful 3# pork roast and some turkey cutlets. Not sure if I'll get the chance to grill before the season's up.

Steve and I are going to start making room on the patio for the hot tub!! I want the tub up and ready to go by this weekend!!

1 comment:

Nadine Hightower said...

You're so blessed to have those cuties!
but what's 1024 Chevy??

And I tried once to make my own venison summer sausage. It was good but the whole time it was "resting" in the frig I was on edge and afraid that it would go rancid. So we just let the processor do it. I'm not fond of the Jalepeno. It's just not the flavor that I care for. Maybe some other processor's would be better.
I'm sorry I had to bug out friday but I had to get photos! It was his first buck!
Hugs and have a great week!