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Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

Caption Contest Winner! This week goes to Boo with his, "America's first pregnant man arrested when caught consuming alcohol while with child!"

I do what I can to give my readers nightmares...
Weight Watchers Update: Got back on track this week and it showed; dropped 6#, which I attribute to being water weight. Plus this loss helped me break the barrier of 220. As of Saturday I'm down to 219.2 with a total loss of 39#.
Steve and Mallory left for Des Moines Saturday morning so that left Jen and I to our own devices. We ran some errands in the morning. I think we all have a mild case of cruddies because Steve and I haven't felt great this past week and Jenna wanted to go home to take a nap. After she woke up I took her to Arby's and brought it home and we had a picnic in the living room and watched "Cars." Then she had a bath and dinner and then to bed! I watched movie and was in bed around 2130. I gave Jenna direct orders for Sunday morning; when she got up to go to the bathroom she could play quietly in her room but was to NOT wake me up.

Ya know what?

She actually listened! I rolled out a little after seven, which, for the weekend, is pretty decent.

Went to church and did a little project of her choosing then she went down for a nap. I took a 20" combat nap myself.

Found a great recipe for slow cooker pork roast. Very easy and ZOWIE is it good!

Ranch Pork Roast:

3# pork roast
1-1.5# new potatoes
8oz cream cheese
1 can cream-o-chicken soup
0.4oz Ranch dip mix.

Halve potatoes and place in the bottom of your slow cooker. Place roast on top of potatoes. In a separate bowl mix soup, ranch, and cream cheese until smooth; spoon over roast and potatoes. Low for 8h.

Then what I did (not mentioned in the recipe) was I spooned out the roast and potatoes and put them on a platter in a warm over. I slowly added some flour to the sauce and whisked it into a fabulous gravy.

Boy howdy was that good. It may sound weird; pork and ranch. But it had a great ranch flavor but was not over-powering. Might make for some interesting sandwiches......

1 comment:

Ace said...

lol, I can own that contest when no one else participates!

Isn't it wonderful when the kids listen? Especially that early morning business...