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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Am I The Only One?

...that is completely SICK of this woman??

How much more ego-centric can one person be? Yes, she's gorgeous, is the most powerful Black woman in the entertainment industry, is a fabulous philanthropist (she turned me on to Heifer International) has her own talk show, production company, and magazine.

I understand the magazine is named for her, but REALLY!! Does she have to be on EVERY. STINKIN'. COVER????

WE GET IT!! You have more money than you know what to do with and because you had a crummy and hard life growing up and were denied lots of things you are going to flaunt your now wildly successful career and win the hearts of American women. But sometimes things aren't as rosy as they appear.

I can just imagine the conversations at the weekly staff meetings at O Magazine:

"So who's the cover shoot for this month? Oh. riiiiiiiight. My bad."

I'm sure it makes the shoots go much faster as there's no outside person to schedule, but don'cha think they're getting tired of shooting Oprah in various outfits and settings and encouraging her to give her best cheesy, "I do love you, but I love seeing myself plastered all over my magazine even more so EAT YOUR HEART OUT, AMERICA!"

Is it just me?


Aynde said...

No you're not. A magazine cover is only good if Salma Hayek is on the cover. If Oprah put Salma on the over of O magazine every month I would buy it.

Hey ya know what?? Rachel Ray does that too..... And Paula Deen.

I'm looking up Martha Stewart right now.......

VENTL8R said...

And it's because it's their magazine with their name on it. But perhaps a guest spot every now and then? Would that be too much to ask?

Gina (Mannyed) said...

I was going to point out that Rachael Ray does the same thing, but I was beat to the punch. I dunno, guess it doesn't really bother me.

meg said...

I don't read any of those mags, but I do think it is a tad overdone & egocentric :-)

Ace said...

Thanks for letting me know Oprah was gorgeous, I was always under the impression that she is about the ugliest person in the world.

VENTL8R said...

Definitely ugly without the spackle, that's for sure!

Becca said...

But her beauty radiates from the inside out, or does it not make it all the way out? I wonder what she is really like when the cameras are off? Did you see what she said what she would have done if she were in California during the fires, she would have taken her dogs to a 4 Seasons that takes dogs! How very rich. She is so unaffected by anything anymore. I think that she has so totally lost touch with reality.

Holy said...

I subscribe to O mag but gag every time I see the cover with yet another big cheesy toothy fake smile. I wish they would show her not smiling - just looking normal.

I love O mag for collaging posters - they have the best headlines.

But yeah, she's outta touch. When she did New Earth this past year, I wondered if she really 'got' Echkart's message about living in the moment without regard for things and image and ego.

Somehow, I'm doubting it. Anyhoo, long time no drive by and lurk. Belated congrats - I've been following your weight loss - great job!