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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Not much to report outside of the girls' physicals on Monday. They both checked out just fine. Jenna had three shots and a finger stick and Mallory just had one shot; her last until Kindergarten!

Being in daycare the kids had a constant runny nose and cough. Just as they're get over the current illness another one lurked in the corner. Mallory was running a bit of a low-grade fever Monday and her cheeks were bright red. Her doc took one look at her, noticed the splothes on her legs and fine rash on her torso and says, "It looks like she has parvo."

"Huh-WHUH?!?!?! Parvo? Serious? I thought that was a dog virus." So i scanned Wikipedia and found this. Oh, and she has an ear infection. Even with tubes. Go figure.

Yesterday was one of those hectic crazy days at work where you're busy but your efforts are all for naught. I thought I had finally enrolled someone in one of my pneumonia studies that hasn't seen any action since June. Got the patient enrolled and I get study labs. Two of the Pulmonary fellows are in her room and one sees that her BP is low and he and the nurse discuss what kind of hypotension drugs she's on.

This caught my attention as prolonged hypotention medications is exclusionary. However, I didn't find this medication in the e-chart so I had no idea she was on it. I asked the nurse if she had charted this medication; no. I called the medical monitor to verify that she had to be taken out of the study even though it looked like she was low on fluids, thus contributing to her hypotention. Regardless I had to take her out. I was annoyed that the nurse hadn't charted her medications for 5 hours.

So I DCd her from the study, called family back and notified them of the situation. I spend a good chunk of yesterday getting this patient enrolled and it was all for naught.

So I had fencing class last night and I really needed the class to work off my frustrations of the day. I came home sweaty and tired, but feeling better in my head. Though in the coming days I will have a whole new group of bruises to sport!

1 comment:

Becca said...

Wow, what a day! I hope that today is better!