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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something as innocent as salad dressing...

....turned into a discussion about sex between Steve and Jenna.

I was pouring a new bottle of ranch into the squeeze bottle we currently use. It started off slow as not to make a mess. About midway through I was able to have the two rims touching as the dressing is pouring out.

Steve: "Look, Jenna! The bottles are mating!"

Jenna: "What's 'mating'?"

I shoot Steve "the look.

"Steve: "Mating is when two bottles love each other and touch each other."

Jenna: "Ewwww......"

Steve: "And sometimes, one bottle puts its goo into another bottle."

By this time I'm beet red, trying very hard not to laugh and to not make a mess. Then a big glob of dressing comes out and it runs over the top.

Steve: "Yep, sometimes that happens, too."

I put my head down on the counter to laugh. Then I took my finger and tried to clean off the ranch that was running down the bottle. Jenna hopped up on the chair next to me and asked excitedly, "Can I lick your finger??"

"NO!!! GO AWAY!!!!"


meg said...

I would have had to leave the room :-P

Becca said...

I would have been dying with laughter. And embarrassment. You handled it much better than me!

Ace said...

Ah, dads imparting wisdom, a time honored and cherished tradition...