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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Knot Head

I've been keeping you all updated on the progress of Mallory and her mobility, and, my subsequent concern of her being this mobile at such a young age.

And I've said that Jenna didn't even start crawling until 10 months, walking at 14 months. Granted, Mallory is a bit smaller than Jenna so there's less of her to move.

But I had read in the past that the longer a baby waits to walk, the better. Vision is better, reflexes are better, muscles are stronger.

People think it's a good thing that Mallory is walking.

No, no it isn't.

Mainly it's becuase she's growing up too quickly. With Jenna we wanted her to grow up so we could watch it. With Mallory we want her to slow waaaaaaaaay down. Alas, tis not meant to be.

So here is physical proof that children should not walk until after they've turned a year old. The oldest one (on her right/your left) happened last week when she lost her balance at daycare and whacked her head on the end of the rocking chair. The newest one (on her left/your right) happened Sunday when she was walking down the hall and lost her balance and whacked her head on the corner of a door frame. Steve had his back turned and heard it, but I saw it.

It wasn't a pretty sight.
Steve chimes in, all perky, "So can I call her 'Knot Head' now??"

*sigh* "Yes, may now call her 'Knot Head'."


Nadine Hightower said...

It never failed...when we were dressed and ready to go out the door to have their photos made, one the girls would fall and have red mark on her head or face somewhere that showed like a neon sign in the pictures!!

moi said...

"So can I call her 'Knot Head' now?" Bwahahahahah! Men.

In my household my mother was always all, "Oh shit!" while my father was, like, "Aw, relax. What doesnt' kill 'em only make 'em stronger."

Which I guess is why they're called parents, plural.

meg said...

Do you think a helmet might be a good idea?
Unfortunately, it doesn't get much better as they age- Sam comes home daily with bruises, cuts, or rug burn- & he's 17 :-(

Malathionman said...

Maybe she is the devil and those are her horns starting to grow. :)